Well, I sure had some news this week here at the shop. April Fools Day had almost come and gone without incident and here I am worried about a trout eye order and my minnows running low. Turned on the USC Gamecocks NCAA Final Four game and my chest starts burning, hard to breathe, and my arms become numb and tingly. And it did not stop. Four hours later I am cooped up in Roper Hospital downtown Charleston after having what the ER doc tells me, in what feels like a dream, a massive heart attack. Now, I am 39. This is not something that I should have to worry about at 39. All I need to worry about is the shop light bill, lunch money for Harrison, gas, and supporting Amanda in her newest project or travels. Well, my body...specifically my heart, thought of something else. I am a busy body. I do not stop. My mind does not stop, never has. I would much rather sit in this shop and chat with customers and open the cash register than dangle my feet off of a dock and listen to the chatter of insects or feel the sun turn my skin tan. Here came Saturday, and my life has to change. I have spent far too much time trying to support my family working 80 plus hours 7 days a week. Heart to self: wake the f*@k up and enjoy the rewards of your struggles! I have to relax. I have no choice. Next time you come in the shop and ask for fiddlers, if I happen to be out, I will tell you I am out of them till Tuesday with a smile. Lesson learned...

A very mellowed tight lines and bent rods,




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